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CAS No. 1375541-21-1, (S)-2'-oxo-1',2',5,7-tetrahydrospiro[cyclopenta[b]pyridine-6,3'-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine]-3-carboxylicacid;(3'S)-1',2',5,7-Tetrahydro-2'-oxospiro[6H-cyclopenta[b]pyridine-6,3'-[3H]

  • 1375541-21-1

  • C15H11N3O3

  • 281.27

  • 1.57±0.1

  • 98% min (HPLC)

  • white to yellowish solid

  • Migraine

  • Ubrogepant

  • 12/22/2041 (Ubrogepant)

  • CGRP

  • N

  • 2021

  • ISO 9001



As an oral calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor antagonist, Ubrogepant offers fast-acting, effective relief for acute migraines without the typical adverse effects of triptans. This novel approach paves the way for a new era in migraine management, providing patients with a much-needed alternative. By incorporating Ubrogepant into your pharmaceutical portfolio, you can make a significant impact on improving the lives of migraine sufferers and advance neurological care.

ROS and Usage

CAS RN 1375541-21-1 forms the core structure, providing the unique four-fused hetero-ring formation in Ubrogepant (feel free to download the overall synthesis route of Ubrogepant). This complex structure contributes significantly to Ubrogepant's pharmacological properties and its efficacy as a drug.

Ubrogepant ROS Building Blocks

Our manufacturing process tactfully utilizes palladium catalysts along with other phase transfer catalysts, achieving precision and efficiency. This advanced methodology, however, requires meticulous time and temperature regulation. Some stages in the process can require extensive durations, often lasting days. The delicacy of the synthesis overall necessitates stringent temperature controls during the phase transfer catalyst phase. Nonetheless, our experienced team ensures adherence to rigorous quality standards throughout.

In addition to the in-depth focus on CAS RN 1375541-21-1, we are also knowledgeable about the various salt forms related to the compound, such as the nitrobenzoic acid form as the other part of building block (CAS RN 1456803-37-4). With our integral intermediates, we assist your development in synthesizing Ubrogepant effectively.

To ensure maximal market value and efficiency for our partners, Unibest guarantees stable supply, excellent quality, and robust technical support for the strategic compound CAS RN 1375541-21-1. Our continuous efforts reaffirm our commitment to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry and enable people to live longer healthier lives.