Product Detail


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CAS No.171099-57-3, Oritavancin

  • 171099-57-3

  • C86H97Cl3N10O26

  • 1793.1

  • 1.59±0.1

  • acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI)

  • Oritavancin

  • 7/16/2035 (Oritavancin)

  • bacterial cell wall


Product Description

Oritavancin is a drug that can be used to treat certain types of skin infections caused by bacteria. The main advantage of this drug compared to others is:

  1. it only needs to be taken once, which makes treatment more convenient for patients

  2. it works against a wide range of bacteria, including those that are resistant to other antibiotics

  3. it does not interact with other medications, which makes it easy to use

  4. it has been shown to be as safe and effective as other antibiotics used to treat similar skin infections in clinical studies.

Synthetic Roadmap


The original root of synthesis is CN1119649. The starting material on the top is ORIT-001 and it can be obtained through fermentation. The resulting ORIT-003 is further reduced by NaBH3CH, and the by-products are processed as cyanides. However, this route is of low selectivity and the yield is around 50%.

There are other patents that improve the product of oritavancin such as CN100463917. This method can increase the alkylation selectivity and yield involving a copper complex formation.