Quality Control
Unibest strives to create a more reliable and comfortable customer experience. We do our best in product quality control and the whole process starting from the first contact with our customers or suppliers.
Product Quality Control 
Unibest always strives for excellence. We promise with the strict SOP, the products we provide will be safe, legal, environmentally friendly and reliable in high efficiency.
  • High Standard Quality System

    Based on ISO9001, the Unibest quality assurance team works closely with manufacturers and customers to achieve high standard requirements. We dynamically analyze and check different production states to ensure the procedure meets our GMP and customers' requirements. 
    What we do to control quality includes dynamically:
    1. Product qualification;
    2. Manpower qualification analysis;
    3. Process validation and revalidation, including essential equipment performance, utility system, computer system, and supply system;
    4. Materials packing and labeling process supervision;
    5. Production Life-cycle management;
    Our GMP standard will apply to all the suppliers we co-operate with to ensure the product is systemic and sustainable. 
    Based on ICH Q7 and other ICH guidelines, leading suppliers must pass FDA and EMA official audits.

  • Leading By Professions

    Operating the complete quality system to let it enforce our services, Unibest has an experienced registration and QA, QC team. Our QA director and advisor are the setters of the Chinese national drug standard; our registration advisor has been working for NMPA (National Medical Product Administration) for over 20 years and is proficient in registration regulations.