R & D
Research Background
High education, high investment, high professional degree, Rich experience
We believe R&D drives us faster and further, so we put much energy into making ourselves professional. Our R&D investment ratio is 5%, led by leading experts. We believe this investment cost much worthy than we imagine.

Our professional team is professional, starting from the CEO. Our CEO and management board all have a dual professional background in pharmacy and synthesis. They can understand synthesis from the pharmacy perspective. We have 30% above masters and Ph. Ds, and our director of the R&D team has 20+ years of industrial production experience.
Resource Integration
Unibest believes time is a more valuable resource, so apart from scientific research. We are also good at resource integration, from product projects to market research. We are satisfied to save our customers' time on marketing and researching through our MR ability and comprehensive co-operation relationship. We hope the solution we deliver can lead to an ideal result for you.

To achieve that, Unibest works closely with different customers and suppliers and co-operates with varying institutions of research. We are committed to designing better services based on our customer's requirements. By fully participating in the process from pre-clinic, we can stand in the broader perspective. From the integration and understanding of upstream and downstream resources, we can find better solutions for our customers or help our suppliers sell their systems.
Research Specialty
The research team of Unibest has rich experience in chemical synthesis. Our experiment and production scale-up experience give us the confidence to customize your product flexibly.
Chemical Synthesis
  • Organic building block synthesis

    Based on some essential functional groups, Unibest can use synthesis compounds that are novel and sustainable. With the assistance of our building block platform and its key groups, for example, Benzyl & Chloromethyl, we can customize development according to your needs for different use. We have unique advantages on 12 building blocks that help us design and produce new products diversely and constantly. 
    We are also investing resources into ESG to ensure our production is clean and efficient. Benefiting from the research power and equipment advantages, Unibest and our partners can deal with many complex reactions. 
  • Ligand synthesis

    Including Josipho ligand, Salen ligand, Dihydroxylated ligands, and amino acid ligand, our synthesis and research of ligands not only give us technical support for synthesis platform building but also help us offer better intermediate service. 
  • Chiral synthesis

    Eribulin mesylate A, B, C industrialization & kilogram production: 

    ● A hundred steps of reactions; 

    ● Achieving chiral impurities < 0.1%, Single impurities 0.5%; 


    Prosthetic base induction: 

    ● Amino acid ligands control through Roche ester; 

    ● Evans prosthetic base induction; 


    Synthetic from natural sources:  

    ● 28 steps of reaction; 

    ● Ammonium Phosphate Purification; 

    ● Achieving chiral impurities < 0.1%, Single impurities 0.5% in poly chirality situation; 

    ● Hundred-gram production; 


Continuous Flow & Green Chemistry
  • Continuous flow

    In a complete set of the continuous flow equipment, our products can adjust the temperature, pressure, and material ratio more freely under the condition that the product is stable and pure. Our microchannel reaction equipment can reduce the by-products of traditional diazotization and hydrogenation, making the whole reaction safer and more environmentally friendly. 
    Cases include the preparation of acid-free amides: Apixaban API, Rivaroxaban API.
  • Highly efficient catalyst & solvent

    Our expertise in chemical synthesis enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers for environmental protection. Solvents and catalysts are a significant part of waste disposal, and the correct and efficient selection can make our products safer and more environmentally friendly. Unibest can dynamically adjust catalysts and solvents according to the needs of different customers to ensure that product yield and safety meet customers' and our requirements. 
    Successful case: we use 10g Ir catalyst and 20g ligand to produce 1-ton S-metolachlor.
  • Waste management solution

    Waste is not avoidable but is manageable. Conventionally, we process the waste liquid, solid, and gas multiple times using methods like SBR-MBR to ensure the waste discharge meets various indicators.  But a complete waste treatment system and several essential waste treatment technologies help us perform better. Based on ultra-low temperature-critical extraction, separating different waste liquids to control costs will be more accessible. 
Complex Reaction Specialty
  • NHK reaction

    As a toxic reaction engaging Cr and Ni, we regulated the reaction process of electrochemical reduction, reducing the use of toxic substances and increasing the choice of reaction substrates. 
  • Asymmetric hydrogenation

    Transition metal catalysis is one of the most active fields in contemporary synthetic organic chemistry. Using less equivalent of highly efficient catalyst Ir, we can make synthesis intermediate in higher efficiency. 
  • Nitrification and hydrogenation

    Typically, nitrification and hydrogenation are associated with solid corrosiveness, strong oxidation, and irritation. The continuous flow will significantly increase the conversion rate and selection of the final product while the risk decreases. 
  • Grignard reaction

    The Grignard reaction requires strict temperature and time control. A microchannel reactor controls local thermal response to local temperature gradient for continuous production. 
  • Supercritical low temperature treatment

    By applying supercritical low-temperature treatment, a technique that features high pressure and low temperature, it is possible to separate two compounds with similar boiling points. 









Products are for R&D use only and are not intended for human use. We do not sell to patients.

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