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CAS No. 399017-10-8, Ethyl 2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-4-methylthiazole-5-carboxylate Hydrochloride

  • 399017-10-8

  • C13H14ClNO3S

  • 299.77

  • 1.274

  • 99.0% min (HPLC)

  • Off white to yellow powder

  • Chronic hyperuricemia

  • Febuxostat

  • 9/8/2031 (Febuxostat)

  • Xanthine dehydrogenase/oxidase

  • N

  • ISO9001



Febuxostat, a potent non-purine selective xanthine oxidase inhibitor, is proven to be extremely effective in treating gout and hyperuricemia. Renowned for its superior urate-lowering efficiency and fewer drug interactions, Febuxostat holds significant growth potential. We offer the crucial intermediates for Febuxostat, correctly prepped for your manufacturing process, helping you achieve cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality and efficacy, ultimately boosting your market entry.

This content is designed for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and does not encourage personal medical use or advice.

Product Description

We provide CAS No. 399017-10-8, a Febuxostat intermediate with high purity and cost efficiency. The factory system is ISO 9001 and production capacity for this particular product is of 50T/month, scalable based on market demand.

the production site for Febuxostat intermediate CAS No 399017-10-8

The Production Site for Febuxostat Intermediate CAS No 399017-10-8