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Cas No. 1032452-86-0, 3-(2-chloropyriMidin-4-yl)-1-Methylindole

  • 1032452-86-0

  • C13H10ClN3

  • 243.69

  • 1.31±0.1

  • Non-small-cell carcinoma

  • Osimertinib

  • 1/2/2035 (Osimertinib)

  • EGFR



Osimertinib, a potent third-generation EGFR inhibitor, is transforming the treatment landscape for lung cancer, particularly in patients with T790M mutations. With impressive efficacy and safety profiles, Osimertinib offers new hope for improved outcomes. Seamlessly integrate our intermediates into your manufacturing process, ensuring a consistent supply of this life-saving medication. Join us in advancing lung cancer care, providing patients with personalized and effective treatment options. Embrace Osimertinib and drive innovation in oncology.