Product Detail


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Cas No. 1169630-40-3, Semaglutide side chain

  • 1169630-40-3

  • C39H66N4O15

  • 830.96

  • 1.23±0.1

  • Semaglutide

  • 2/17/2041 (Semaglutide)

  • GLP-1

  • N


Product Description

This product CAS RN. 1169630-40-3 is developed along with another side chain CAS RN. 2061897-68-3. They are semaglutide side chains. Together, they are conjugated with the main peptide chain CAS RN. 1169630-82-3 to form Semaglutide API.

CAS RN. 1169630-40-3 consists of two units of ethylene glycol (H2N-PEG2-CH2-COOH), a glutamic acid, and a C18 fatty acid Octadecadioic acid

semaglutide side chain with C18 fatty acid