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Cas No. 1357476-66-4, 2-(1,1,1-TRIFLUORO-2-METHYL-2-PROPANYL)-4(1H)-PYRIDINONE

  • 1357476-66-4

  • C9H10F3NO

  • 205.18

  • Breast cancer

  • Alpelisib

  • 4/29/2033 (Alpelisib)

  • PI3Kα



As the first-in-class oral PI3K inhibitor, Alpelisib offers targeted therapy for advanced or metastatic hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer with a PIK5CA mutation. This groundbreaking drug provides a personalized approach, enhancing treatment outcomes while minimizing toxicity. By incorporating Alpelisib into your pharmaceutical portfolio, you can champion precision medicine and make a significant impact on patients' lives. Embrace Alpelisib and join the fight against breast cancer with innovation and compassion.