Product Detail


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Cas No. 147081-29-6, (S)-4-N-Boc-2-methylpiperazine

  • 147081-29-6

  • C10H20N2O2

  • 200.278

  • 1.0±0.1

  • 40-45

  • 116.3±20.4

  • Antineoplastic

  • Sotorasib

  • 9/15/2040 (Sotorasib)

  • KRAS


Product Description

Sotorasib is poised to transform cancer treatment by targeting a previously "undruggable" mutation found in numerous solid tumor types. With its selective mechanism of action and potential for improved patient outcomes, Sotorasib holds immense value in the field of precision oncology. Seamlessly incorporate our intermediates into your manufacturing process, ensuring a consistent supply of this exceptional medication. Join us in revolutionizing cancer therapy and making a significant impact on patient lives.