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  • 349535-15-5

  • C10H22ClN3

  • 219.76

  • 98% min (GC)

  • White powder

  • Migraine

  • Zavegepant

  • 10/7/2031 (Zavegepant)

  • CGRP

  • N

  • 2022

  • ISO9001



Zavegepant offers a transformative approach to migraine treatment by targeting the underlying cause of migraine attacks. With its efficacy in reducing migraine severity and frequency, Zavegepant holds immense value in the field of neurology. Seamlessly incorporate our intermediates into your manufacturing process, ensuring a consistent supply of this exceptional medication. Join us in revolutionizing the management of migraines and improving the lives of millions of sufferers. Embrace Zavegepant and redefine the future of migraine therapy.

Product Description

CAS No. 349535-15-5 is a tri-HCl salt form of CAS No. 23995-88-2

In the synthesis of Zavegepant, the secondary amine group on the CAS No. 23995-88-2 reacts with the carboxylic acid group at the chiral center on CAS No. 928014-62-4, which is formed by reacting with Zavegepant intermediates CAS No. 855778-84-6 and CAS No. 1414976-14-9.

final steps of Zavegepant synthesis

Compared with the free base CAS No. 23995-88-2, the tri-HCl salt CAS No. 349535-15-5 can be more stable. 

However, the tri-HCl form might be prone for hydroscopy.