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Cas No. 394-67-2, 4-Fluoroisoquinoline

  • 394-67-2

  • C9H6FN

  • 147.15

  • 1.216

  • 34

  • 99

  • White to Light yellow

  • Ocular hypertension

  • Ripasudil hydrochloride dihydrate

  • rho kinase



Ripasudil offers a transformative approach to treating glaucoma by increasing outflow facility. With its targeted mechanism of action and potential for improved patient outcomes, Ripasudil has tremendous value in the ophthalmology field. Trust our reliable intermediates to streamline your manufacturing process, ensuring a consistent supply of this exceptional medication. Join us in advancing glaucoma management, improving patient health and vision. Embrace Ripasudil and contribute to the future of ophthalmic therapeutics.