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CAS No. 58966-93-1, NOTA intermediate

  • 58966-93-1

  • C6H18Cl3N3

  • 238.59

  • 95% min

  • 288

  • 3 Kg

  • ISO9001

  • CDMO


Product Description

This compound, CAS No. 58966-93-1, is used to develop NOTA chelator used for Radionuclide Drug Conjugates, RDC. NOTA is one of the oldest and most successful macrocyclic chelator for Ga-67/68 and Cu-64, and is generally considered to be the gold standard for Ga3+ chelation. NOTA possesses favorable radiolabeling conditions (30~60 minutes under room temperature) and excellent in vivo stability.


Structure of CAS No. 58966-93-1

Structure of NOTA

Structure of NOTA

About NOTA

NOTA, a well-recognized macrocyclic polyaminocarboxylate BFCA, is especially tailored for small radionuclides like gallium and copper due to its small bonding cavity. Being the gold standard for Ga-68 radiolabeling, NOTA ensures excellent in vivo stability and facilitates a rapid and straightforward complexation process at room temperature and a moderate pH for 30-60 minutes. The Ga-68-NOTA complex, exhibiting an octahedral coordination geometry and high thermodynamic stability, shows impressive in vivo stability in plasma. Studies have found that the radiochemical yield of the Ga-68-NOTA complex exceeds 95% at room temperature and pH 3 within 10 minutes, and remains stable in human plasma for 4.5 hours at body temperature (37 °C). 

Apart from Ga-68, NOTA forms more stable complexes with Cu-64 compared to other BFCAs such as DOTA, TETA, DTPA, and EDTA. The Cu-64–NOTA complex displays minimal Cu-64 loss depending on Cu2+ concentration and pH, unlike the Cu-64–NOTA complex where the loss rate of Cu-64 speeds up with increasing Cu2+ concentration and pH. With a high thermodynamic stability constant (LogKML = 21.6), the Cu-64–NOTA complex can be radiolabeled at room temperature and pH 5.5-6.5 for 30-60 minutes. 


Holik, H. A. et al. The Chemical Scaffold of Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals: Radionuclide, Bifunctional Chelator, and Pharmacokinetics Modifying Linker. Molecules 27, 3062 (2022).

NOTA Synthesis

NOTA can be synthesized using this compound CAS No. 58966-93-1 with following reference root of synthesis.

NOTA synthesis


Maheshwari, V., Dearling, J. L. J., Treves, S. T. & Packard, A. B. Measurement of the rate of copper(II) exchange for 64Cu complexes of bifunctional chelators. Inorganica Chimica Acta 393, 318–323 (2012).