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Cas No. 1620056-47-4, Carbamic acid, N-[(1S)-1-(3,6-dibromo-2-pyridinyl)-2-(3,5-difluorophenyl)ethyl]-, 1,1-dimethylethyl ester

  • 1620056-47-4

  • C18H18Br2F2N2O2

  • 492.15

  • 1.574±0.06

  • 98% min; EE 98% min

  • Anti-HIV

  • Lenacapavir

  • 8/16/2038 (Lenacapavir)

  • capsid

  • N

  • ISO 9001;ISO 14001;ISO 45001; GMP



Delivering a novel approach through long-acting injections, Lenacapavir offers extended therapeutic coverage, transforming patients' lives by reducing treatment regimen burden. Its potent antiviral activity against drug-resistant strains empowers your company to tackle the evolving challenges of HIV. With its favorable safety profile and potential for improved adherence, Lenacapavir opens new doors for enhanced patient care and reinforces your commitment to combatting HIV. Embrace this revolutionary medication to forge a brighter future for those affected by the virus.

ROS and Usage

Key Building Block for Lenacapavir Synthesis

CAS RN 1620056-47-4

Unibest is proud to offer CAS RN 1620056-47-4 as a crucial building block in the synthesis pathway of Lenacapavir. Our commitment to providing top-quality and efficient solutions makes us an ideal partner for your pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Fundamental in 2189684-54-4 Synthesis

As a key building block, CAS RN 1620056-47-4 plays an instrumental role in the production of intermediate CAS RN 2189684-54-4. Its successful integration into the synthesis process sets the stage for the next critical steps in creating the final Lenacapavir API.

2189684-53-3 and 2189684-54-4 in Lenacapavir Synthesis

Streamlined Synthesis Pathway

Incorporating CAS RN 1620056-47-4 into your Lenacapavir manufacturing workflow simplifies the synthesis procedure. By offering an essential component, we enable you to focus on other aspects of the process, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of your operations.

Quality and Consistency

At Unibest, we prioritize maintaining the highest quality and consistency in our products. You can rely on CAS RN 1620056-47-4 to meet stringent quality requirements, ensuring the intermediate 2189684-54-4, and consequently, the final Lenacapavir API, complies with the industry's highest standards.

Trust in Unibest's expertise and experience for your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs. Our wide selection of high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients is designed to support your efforts and propel your growth in the competitive pharmaceutical market.