Product Detail


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  • 68-35-9

  • C10H10N4O2S

  • 250.28

  • 1.3780

  • 253

  • White powder

  • Sulfadiazine

  • Bacterial dihydropteroate synthetase


Drug Background

Sulfadiazine is an antimicrobial agent belonging to the sulfonamide class of drugs. Its mechanism of action targets the bacterial synthesis of folic acid, which is crucial for their growth and replication. Specifically, Sulfadiazine acts by competitively inhibiting the enzyme dihydropteroate synthase (DHPS). This inhibition blocks the formation of dihydrofolic acid, an essential precursor for the production of bacterial DNA, RNA, amino acids, and proteins.

Our Advantages

Through the optimization of our process, we have successfully addressed environmental issues associated with organic phosphorus-containing wastewater and toxicity generated by the original process solvents. We have been able to consistently maintain a yield of 80%, along with a purity of 98.5%. This aligns with the requirements for green and safe industrial production.