Advanced technology, support from R&D to sales

Intermediate Synthesis

Unibest has many technical advantages in chemical synthesis, especially chiral synthesis. Our experienced R&D team has completed 100 steps of eribulin synthesis and industrial production; from functional group induction to natural source synthesis, we can meet the various needs of customers on intermediates.

Customized Synthesis Platform

With various technologies, our intermediate synthesis service has become a strong platform, our rich experience drives our R&D team to design reaction routes in a more sustainable, efficient and cost-saving way.
Flexible synthesis, faster, cheaper, more precise control

Chiral Synthesis Platform

Molecular building blocks
Synthesis with molecular building blocks to meet various requirements of custom synthesis.

Ligand synthesis
Through the synthesis of chiral ligands, we can better control the spatial orientation and reaction progress of chemical reactions, and achieve the goal of faster production of better intermediates, we are also excited to bring those technologies and ligands to the production of our partners.