Product Detail


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CAS No.118395-73-6, Fidaxomicin

  • 873857-62-6

  • C52H74Cl2O18

  • 1058.039

  • 1.3±0.1

  • 98% min

  • 586.7±34.3

  • Off white

  • Antibacterial

  • Fidaxomicin

  • 11/28/2034 (Fidaxomicin)

  • RNA polymers

  • 150 kg

  • 2013


Product Background

Indication of Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections are a significant concern in the healthcare industry, affecting a large number of individuals worldwide. These infections can lead to severe illnesses and have a profound impact on global public health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), bacterial infections are responsible for approximately 700,000 deaths annually, highlighting the urgent need for effective treatment options.

Fidaxomicin, one of our leading active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), offers a potent solution for the treatment of bacterial infections. Extensive clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in combating a wide range of bacterial pathogens, including Clostridium difficile, a common cause of hospital-acquired infections. Fidaxomicin has shown superior efficacy in treating these infections compared to standard therapies, making it a valuable asset in the fight against bacterial-related diseases.

Mechanism of Action

Fidaxomicin exhibits a unique mechanism of action that sets it apart from other antibiotics. With its targeted approach, Fidaxomicin selectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria while preserving the natural balance of the gut microbiota. By binding to a specific bacterial RNA polymerase subunit, Fidaxomicin disrupts the bacterial transcription process, ultimately leading to the inhibition of protein synthesis. This targeted action results in a reduced risk of antibiotic resistance and improved patient outcomes.

The mechanism of action of Fidaxomicin ensures high efficacy in eradicating bacterial infections while minimizing adverse effects on the host microbiome. This makes it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical companies seeking effective and sustainable solutions in the global fight against bacterial pathogens.

At Unibest, we are committed to providing top-quality APIs like Fidaxomicin to our esteemed clients in the global pharmaceutical industry. Contact us today to explore how our pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services can help you bring this exceptional active pharmaceutical ingredient to the market efficiently and maximize its value. Together, let us strive for a healthier future.

Synthetic Roadmap

Fidaxomicin is produced using fermentation processes.