Product Detail


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  • 63-74-1

  • C6H8N2O2S

  • 172.2

  • 1.08

  • 98%

  • 164-166

  • Sulfonamides


Product Backgrounds

Sulfanilamide is a key intermediate used in the production and synthesis of sulfonamide drugs. These medicinal compounds represent an integral group of antibiotics used worldwide, stemming from the antimicrobial properties of Sulfanilamide. Its capability to inhibit bacterial growth makes it a preferred choice in the pharmaceutical industry for treating a wide array of bacterial infections.

However, the traditional industrial production of Sulfanilamide often comes with significant wastewater treatment costs. The process involves reactions that generate a substantial volume of wastewater with various contaminants, necessitating an advanced and costly treatment before its disposal. This factor has been a continuous challenge, making the production less environmentally friendly and economically burdensome, and increasing the overall cost of the final product.

Our Advantages

By incorporating process improvements, Unibest consistently achieves a product yield of 85% and a product purity of 98%. This demonstrates our dedication to meeting green and safe industrial production standards for the global pharmaceutical industry.