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CAS No. 2375019-85-3, 2-Pyridinemethanamine, 3-bromo-α-[(3,5-difluorophenyl)methyl]-6-[3-methyl-3-(methylsulfonyl)-1-butyn-1-yl]-, (αS)-

  • 2375019-85-3

  • C19H19BrF2N2O2S

  • 457.33

  • 1.51±0.1

  • 98% min (HPLC)

  • Lenacapavir

  • 8/16/2038 (Lenacapavir)

  • Capsid

  • N

  • CDMO



Delivering a novel approach through long-acting injections, Lenacapavir offers extended therapeutic coverage, transforming patients' lives by reducing treatment regimen burden. Its potent antiviral activity against drug-resistant strains empowers your company to tackle the evolving challenges of HIV. With its favorable safety profile and potential for improved adherence, Lenacapavir opens new doors for enhanced patient care and reinforces your commitment to combatting HIV. Embrace this revolutionary medication to forge a brighter future for those affected by the virus.

ROS and Usage

CAS RN 1620056-83-8, Central Link in Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Lenacapavir

At Unibest, we're delighted to introduce CAS RN 2375019-85-3, a product situated at the nexus of eco-friendly synthetic pathways, enabling the greener production of Lenacapavir. Our premier offering of quality, efficient, and environmentally conscious solutions underpins our vision of contributing to a sustainable pharmaceutical landscape.

Central Role in Alternative Lenacapavir Synthesis

CAS RN 2375019-85-3 is a focal point of an alternative, eco-friendly route for synthesizing Lenacapavir, as shown in the illustration below. This compound establishes the pivotal link between important intermediates CAS RN 1620056-83-8 and 2249976-53-0, creating a synthetic bridge for the construction of Lenacapavir.

Three Building Blocks - Lenacapavir Synthesis

Green Chemistry with T3P

Although we do not directly supply the eco-friendly coupling reagent T3P, CAS RN 2375019-85-3 is an integral compound in reactions involving T3P. This green chemistry approach uses T3P to react CAS RN 2375019-85-3 and 1620056-83-8, offering an environmentally conscious alternative for Lenacapavir production.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

With an unwavering commitment to quality, we ensure that our CAS RN 2375019-85-3 meets stringent quality requirements. By providing a consistent and high-quality product, we help you maintain the sophistication and standards needed in your pharmaceutical products.

Unibest is your dependable partner in achieving sustainability and efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our vast selection of high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients is specifically curated to support your endeavors in the demanding and dynamic pharmaceutical sector.