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Cas No. 1620056-83-8, 1H-Cyclopropa[3,4]cyclopenta[1,2-c]pyrazole-1-acetic acid, 5,5-difluoro-3b,4,4a,5-tetrahydro-3-(trifluoromethyl)-, (3bS,4aR)-

  • 1620056-83-8

  • C10H7F5N2O2

  • 282.17

  • 1.96±0.1

  • Off-white solid

  • Anti-HIV

  • Lenacapavir

  • 8/16/2038 (Lenacapavir)

  • capsid

  • N

  • ISO 9001;ISO 14001;ISO 45001; GMP



Delivering a novel approach through long-acting injections, Lenacapavir offers extended therapeutic coverage, transforming patients' lives by reducing treatment regimen burden. Its potent antiviral activity against drug-resistant strains empowers your company to tackle the evolving challenges of HIV. With its favorable safety profile and potential for improved adherence, Lenacapavir opens new doors for enhanced patient care and reinforces your commitment to combatting HIV. Embrace this revolutionary medication to forge a brighter future for those affected by the virus.

ROS and Usage

CAS RN 1620056-83-8, A Key Intermediate of Lenacapavir

Unibest is proud to offer a high-quality key intermediate of Lenacapavir – CAS RN 1620056-83-8 – playing an essential role in both synthesis routes for the production of Lenacapavir API. This compound not only saves time and reduces difficulties but also ensures the success of your pharmaceutical projects.

High Time Cost Efficient

With the use of CAS RN 1620056-83-8, the time cost associated with Lenacapavir synthesis is substantially reduced. The overall ROS illustration demonstrates multiple steps, each taking 8 to 24 hours, including cryogenic reactions (feel free to download the overall synthesis map in the Download section). Our intermediate streamlines the process, saving valuable resources and time.

Lenacapavir Synthesis

Advanced Chiral Separation and Purity

We prioritize chiral separation and chiral purity for CAS RN 1620056-83-8, ensuring the resulting Lenacapavir API meets the highest standards of quality.

Ease of Generation (Route 1)

When combined with compound CAS RN 2189684-57-7, the generation of Lenacapavir API becomes even more effortless. Moreover, we offer a variety of precursors for the production of compound 2189684-57-7, including CAS RN 2189684-53-3 and 2189684-54-4.

Two Building Blocks- Lenacapavir Synthesis

Eco-Friendly Alternative (Route 2)

For an alternative synthesis route as depicted in ROS illustration below, while we do not directly supply the green coupling reagent T3P, we can assist in finding viable options for its sourcing, ensuring a more eco-friendly approach to Lenacapavir production.

Three Building Blocks - Lenacapavir Synthesis

Partner with Unibest for continuous innovation and sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry. Explore our extensive range of intermediates, APIs, and reagents to boost your success in the global market.